Cuisine Oil was established in 2009 as an oil distributing company, operating from a garage at an apartment complex; this small and humble beginning blossomed into a thriving company currently running from three factories in Pretoria.

Cuisine Oil currently has three main product lines namely, Edible/Vegetable oils, Used/Spent oils and Mango Achar.

Edible oils comprise of Sunflower oil, Soya oil, Palm oil, Maize/Corn oils including specially prepared blends on request which we are able to distribute in bulk anything from 1ton to 32tons and we also package smaller formats namely in 20lt buckets/drums and 2lt/750ml bottles. We service clients from “Spaza shops”, Restaurants, Hotels as well as major retailers.

Due to the nature of our business we realised early on that our clients were facing a rather big problem which was how to get rid of their spent/used oil in a legal way? This “problem” became one of the major product lines in that we found a solution to the problem. We now collect the spent/used oils from our clients as well as contractors. This is transported to our spent/used oil recycling factory where we filter and clean the said oils and re-sell it to companies whom in turn either use it to manufacture “Bio Diesel”, “Burner Fuels” and other lubricant uses. It is extremely important to mention at this point in time that Cuisine Oil will NEVER re-utilise the filtered spent/used oils in any way or capacity for Human consumption. We have a certificate from the Department of Health whom also inspects our premises to ensure that we adhere to this obligation undertaken by us.

Our third product line is the Mango Achar which is also our latest product introduced two years ago with great success into the market. We manufacture our own Cuisine Achar with three different flavours namely, Spicy Hot, Garlic and Traditional which is packed in buckets in 9kg, 4kg, 2kg and 1kg formats.

To be the leading company in the food manufacturing industry

We consistently provide the highest quality food products at affordable prices to our customers.